Tuesday, 8 January 2013

What have we got in store for you?


So, over the past few days we have been having a think of what we can bring to you on this blog to keep it nice and fresh and regularly updated.  Therefore, we have come up with our weekly plan, which is going to start next week!  If you have any ideas, just leave us a comment below and we could feature your idea!

Looking Back

This is going to be about featuring a piece(s) of jewellery from the past that was not only iconic, but also absolutely stunning!

Passionate about Passion Jewellers

It's going to be about us, us, us...oh, and jewellery!

Budget v's Bling

Now, we would all love to be like Mariah Carey and parade around daily wearing a $1 million diamond bracelet...however, for most of the planet this isn't possible.  Therefore, we are going to show you how to get the bling look but on a budget.


All you need to know about bling.
Best of the week

On this day we are going to feature jewellery that has caught our eye.

Saturday & Sunday
Anything Goes!

We can write anything, or nothing at all....how about that to keep you on your toes?!

What do you think? If you have any ideas, just leave us a comment below and we could feature your idea!  With all the award ceremonies coming up in the few months, we are sure that there is going to be some stunning jewellery for us to discuss!

We have got some great things lined up for you, so make sure you pop back each day and check us out!!


The Passion Jewellers Team

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